How to Backup WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Backup is one way to prevent unwanted things from important data on WhatsApp. Well , how to backup WhatsApp on Android and iPhone?

In addition to being on guard, data backup is also done when someone changes the handphone. That way, data, photos and old chats can be available on the new cellphone.

1. Android

Backup WhatsApp data on Android to Google Drive using just the same phone number and Google account. If you want to do a backup, users can open WhatsApp. Then select ‘Other Options’ then ‘Settings’, click ‘Chat’ and select ‘Backup chat’.

Select back up to Google Drive and the desired backup frequency besides never. Click the Google account that you want to use as a backup.

Finally, select ‘Back up’ to back up data. When done, the user can see WhatsApp backups on Google Drive or directly try it on a new cellphone by installing WhatsApp and restoring data.

2. iPhone

How to backup WhatsApp iPhone to Google Drive is almost the same as Android. Users can simply open the WhatsApp application and select settings, then click ‘Chat’, and ‘Backup’ or ‘Backup’.

Finally, click ‘Backup Now’ or ‘Auto Backup’. Then, the data on WhatsApp will be stored securely in Google Drive connected to the WA number.

Good luck with WhatsApp backup!